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The logistic business venture is one of the most untapped business in Africa as people will always have something to send out to each other on daily basis.

Africa lack the investor input in the industry and government policies that favor the industry, in order to solve this challenges we the SwiftVia Africa came to existence.

SwiftVia Africa is a mobile based application that solve the challenges of sending and receiving parcel within Africa. We connect the end user with dispatch rider to make delivery seamless and effortless.

We are dedicating our effort, strength and money to this business to make a successful one and through our customer we believe that we can achieve so much and push the logistics busines to be one of the best industry across Africa.


We provide a full-featured logistic service for your business within the state

Dedicated agent for your deliveries needs

Our customer support representatives are friendly and equipped with answers and delivery updates. We serve you with a smile and you will never speak to a robot!

Flexible price

Choose your speed and price. We provide express delivery and basic (cargo) delivery options to any destination in Nigeria right now.

Last-mile, doorstep delivery

We pick up from your home, office, or warehouse and deliver to any location worldwide. Same-day pick up within Lagos.


We provide a system of live tracking of your parcel for you to know when it will get to your location

In app chat and call

Our app gives you the opportunity to chat and call the driver. You will be able to provide them with any updates about your parcel delivery


We offer time and date scheduling for package deliveries. Whenever you need it to be delivered, we can handle that. Just pick the date of your choice, and we will deliver it to you.

  • Meet the team
  • SwiftVia Logistics Team

SwiftVia Africa was founded by Owner’s name in year 2023. Before the existence of SwiftVia Africa the founder has partner with many other logistic company in order to understand how logistics business runs in Africa.

During his time in those organization, he has been able to acquired knowledge that skill that he needs when his business is established.

Apart from learning and growing the founder of this business has been able to go through the Britain academy and he was shown on how to practically establish and manage busines in Africa.

He was able to convinced some of his friend and partner to invest in the business so as to tackle the deliveries challenges in Africa

SwiftVia Africa is a company grow out of passion for seamless and effortless delivery system in Africa. Though, user needs might be many and meeting those target might be something hard to break but we the help of right people investing in the business in no time, the challenges will be gone.

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